5 Great Spots to Stay & Play Around Fitzroy Crossing, WA

There’s some awesome spots to visit in the Kimberley, here’s six of our favourites!

1. Tunnel Creek National Park

Tunnel Creek, located just off the Gibb River Road, is a must see in the Kimberley. The National Park is home to Western Australia’s oldest cave system. There are several permanent water pools in the tunnel, be careful wading through though, freshwater crocodiles call this place home!

2. Broome!

Of course, you couldn’t come to the remote North-west Western Australia and not visit the unofficial capital! This town deservedly has it’s place on many bucket lists!

3. Geikie Gorge in a Tinny

A trip by a tinny up the stunning Geike Gorge in the Kimberley, Western Australia.

4. Yakanarra

Take a flight out of Fitzroy Crossing over the spectacular St. George Ranges!

5. Fitzroy River Lodge

There are some great spots to stay in Fitzroy Crossing, “The Lodge” is one of three caravan parks.

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